Software testing is at the core of PracticalSQA

Always striving for the highest quality of deliverable, our teams work hand in hand with customers to ensure that there is perfect alignment between expectations and outcomes.

Testing is an essential part of the software development life-cycle and an investment that will allow validation at each step of the journey, which will ensure durable success.

Testing services for any test type

The success of a software is not only linked with the well functioning of specific behaviors. That’s why we offer, on top of functional testing, services to address the non-functional requirements of a system.

Functional Testing

Security Testing

Accessibility Testing

Process Improvement

Test Automation

Performance Testing

Mobile & App Testing

Test Management

Desktop Testing

IoT Testing

Mobile Testing

API Testing

Testing services for any test platform

You can’t test a mobile app as you test a core banking desktop application. That’s why we have developed our own methodologies adapted to test platforms to address IoT, mobile, web and/or desktop specificity efficiently..

Testing services adapted to domains

Our large experience in various domains such as the banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, transportation industries allows our engineers understanding easily your business and jumping quickly on your projects.





Digital Testing

Machine Learning Testing

RPA Testing

Smart Contracts Testing

Testing services adapted to new technologies

As software quality experts, we follow the trends and constantly look for solutions to assure the quality of the new technologies. Those solutions are offered to our customers through services adapted to those new technologies or trends.

Solve testing challenges with dedicated QA

Every book goes through editor’s eye. It works the same way for software development process. It’s need tester’s eye for higher software & product quality.

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