Training Solutions

At Practical SQA, we don’t just deliver a training course—we create custom training solutions that enable organizations to realize more than they thought possible.

How do we do that? Every project gives us the opportunity to transform our client’s mindset as well as our own, enabling us to identify unique needs, characteristics and opportunities that drive the design and creation of training solutions that produce a lasting impact on your organization.

Custom Design with Practical SQA

We approach training design as a partnership. We want to get to know you, your needs, your learners, and your culture. Our approach is so thorough because it builds training solutions that work. Once you have selected PracticalSQA as your partner, we use our expert process to build a custom training solution for you. We jump right into performance mapping, starting with the right questions to build a high-level plan. Next, our design workshop is the ultimate brainstorming session. We start with your business goals to custom design the right training solution and build branded design. What comes out of the workshop is your training blueprint—the design strategy document. And, after intense quality control checks, our team goes to work on creating your solution.

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Types of Training

You stick around an industry long enough, and you learn a few things. One of the strengths PracticalSQA brings to its partnerships is a foundation of expertise and innovation. Our designs are tempered in the crucible of experience across myriad industries and applications, and are based on expert knowledge and a history of excellence. Whatever your goal, industry, delivery method, or audience, we develop training solutions you’re not going to get anywhere else.

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Training Technology

As technology has advanced, so too has training tech. And PracticalSQA is always on top of it. Knowing about the tools and trends in training technology is not just our job. It’s our passion, which is why we’ve developed the reputation as innovators across the learning technology spectrum. We blend great design, agency-level creative, and the right technology to get the training solutions that are right for you. From gamification to portal integration, we love to learn about new technology, and we love talking about how you can use it.

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